The G-res Tool

Guidance documents

The GHG Reservoir Tool (G-res): User guide

Upon accessing the G-res Tool, users are invited to read this guidance document and the G-res Tool technical documentation. Please take the time to do so carefully, as many parameters require specific information.

Download the user guide

The GHG Reservoir Tool (G-res): Technical documentation

This document provides a detailed description of how each component of the simple conceptual equation that defines the net GHG footprint of  reservoir impoundment has been defined and calculated in the G-res Tool.

Download the technical document

The GHG Reservoir Tool (G-res): User guidelines for the Earth Engine functionality

This document provides a step-by-step guide describing how to use the Earth Engine functionality and how to add the information obtained to the appropriate fields of the G-res Tool itself.

Download the Earth Engine functionality guidelines

The GHG Reservoir Tool (G-res): Version updates

This document contains a brief description of the modifications and additions related to each update of the G-res Tool.

Download the version updates document